Pro Bono Operational Guidance for Sexual Assault Reporting Platform

By October 16, 2016Our Work

Challenge: A startup with a sexual assault reporting platform aimed at college campuses was exiting its early growth phase, and needed to focus on identifying and prioritizing the right customer opportunities, developing a revenue forecast and supporting financial model, and fine-tuning its pitch to potential investors. According to a White House task force, 1 in 5 college students will experience a sexual assault during a college career. AV&Co. met with the startup’s management team, expressed our support for its mission, offered our help, and the management team gladly accepted.

Solution: AV&Co. assisted the client in three major areas: first, we evaluated and developed improvements to the business plan. Second, we demonstrated how to generate accurate cash flow forecasts to balance expenses between fundraising and other operations. Finally, we developed a model to prioritize most the most attractive campuses to pitch to across a range of variables.

Results: The client adopted all of our recommendations, and shared with us how effective our assistance was, particularly in helping impress potential sources of funding.