Everything you need to know about becoming a member of the AV&Co. team

Recruiting Process

What is your on-campus recruiting process?

AV&Co. hires Analysts and Consultants from several targeted undergraduate and MBA programs. We consider applicants from all majors and select candidates that are a strong fit to attend first-round interviews on campus. One to two 45-minute case interviews are conducted for all first-round candidates, and those that are successful proceed to final-round interviews in one of our offices. During final rounds you can expect to go through a mix of behavioral and case interviews.

What is the recruiting process like for advanced professional degree candidates?

AV&Co. welcomes all interested students to apply and will consider Ph.D., Law, Master’s and dual UG-MBA candidates in our recruiting process. If you are unable to apply through your career services office, please submit your application online here. Advanced-degree hires start their careers at AV&Co. at various levels, depending on their professional and educational backgrounds.

Career Path

Where do Analysts and Consultants go after AV&Co.?

Analysts and Consultants rapidly develop valuable expertise that opens up many opportunities for them. Several Analysts stay with the firm to advance on to a Consultant role or attend a top business school. Other Analysts have gone on to a variety of exciting and challenging careers, such as becoming a Senior Strategy Analyst at a Fortune 500 firm or starting up a CleanTech practice. Many Consultants stay at the firm and advance to senior roles. Other Consultants have gone on to a variety of exciting and challenging careers, primarily in the start-up space.

Training And Professional Development

What does a typical project team look like, and how are Analysts and Consultants assigned to projects?

Analysts and Consultants are staffed on one project at a time, which lasts an average of six to eight weeks. Project teams are comprised of two to five staff members, ranging from Analyst to Director. This structure gives Analysts and Consultants the opportunity to interact extensively with clients and gain exposure to senior staff. Projects are assigned based on a few key factors. First and foremost is the client and project demand, followed by the experience the analyst needs to develop and grow his or her skills. All new hires are staffed on projects across the TMT industries and have the opportunity to develop expertise in strategy, marketing, finance, mergers and acquisitions, technology, regulatory and operations disciplines.

What type of training do new hires receive?

New hires gain valuable experience through engagement in project work and the mentoring they receive from their project teams. We also offer an initial week of formal training to get new hires started with the basics. After successfully being staffed and seeing a few projects full-cycle, we host a joint training week with our European sister firm, Solon Management Consulting, where new hires have the opportunity to dive deeper into the TMT space.


How many hours are in an average work week and how much travel can I expect?

There is no typical work week at AV&Co., but you can expect to work on average 60 hours per week, depending on project demands. AV&Co. has a low-travel structure that allows us to maintain a unique culture that combines the enthusiasm and passion of a start-up with the professionalism and respect of an industry thought leader.


How much growth do you expect over the next three to five years?

It is an exciting time to be a part of AV&Co. given that we have been growing at 20-30% in revenue annually. This growth has allowed us to expand into new geographies: New York (2011) and San Francisco (2012). We also have a partnership with our sister company, Solon Management Consulting, a European strategy consulting firm with similar industry focus and values, and offices in Munich, London and Warsaw. We conduct jointly staffed projects, joint new-hire training, temporary three- to six-month staff exchanges, and knowledge sharing.


Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please email our recruiting team at recruiting@altvil.com.


At Altman Vilandrie & Company, we are always searching for new talent. Below, find a link to our current job openings and apply to the position that is appropriate for your background and experience level. Please note, if you are a current student attending a school where we recruit on campus you must submit an application through your career center, not our online portal. If you have any questions regarding the application or interview process at our firm feel free to email us and someone will get back to you shortly.