Pro Bono Operational Guidance for Sexual Assault Reporting Platform

By October 16, 2016Our Culture

Challenge: According to a White House task force, 1 in 5 college students will experience a sexual assault during a college career. Callisto, a non-profit tech startup, was founded to help address this by developing a sexual assault reporting platform aimed at college campuses. Callisto was exiting its early growth phase and needed help identifying and prioritizing the right customer opportunities, developing a revenue forecast and supporting financial model, and fine-tuning its pitch to potential investors. AV&Co. met with the startup’s management team via Fast Forward, an accelerator that assists tech non-profits. We expressed our support for Callisto and its mission, offered our help, and the management team gladly accepted.

Solution: AV&Co. assisted the client in three major areas. First, we evaluated and suggested refinements to Callisto’s business plan and pitch to universities and investors. Second, we helped with the financial model to generate cash flow forecasts and balance expenses between fundraising and other operations. Finally, we developed a model to help prioritize the most attractive college campuses for Callisto to target with its unique solution.

Results: Callisto has been leveraging our guidance and analysis, and management shared with us how effective our assistance was, particularly in helping court potential sources of funding.