By October 18, 2016Our Work

Challenge: A leading communications company was experiencing an overall slowdown in the growth of a recently launched, consumer service. The management team wanted AV&Co. to develop a new go-to-market approach that would help accelerate the penetration of their service across all markets.

Solution: By analyzing service penetration performance by market, AV&Co. discovered that markets had widely varied competitive and consumer dynamics that greatly impacted success. This discovery proved the need for the client to move away from the standard go- to- market management to one that solved for the unique needs of each market. AV&Co. developed market clusters based on like characteristics of markets. Finally, go-to-market strategies and plans across messaging, offer, media and channel were developed to best address the distinct needs of each market cluster.

Results: The client implemented all go-to-market management recommendations, and subsequently experienced double digit sales growth, accelerating penetration. AV&Co. continues to validate and evolve the go-to-market framework developed to ensure performance meets targets.