We offer exceptional growth opportunities

Whether you’re graduating from college, finishing an advanced degree, or seeking new opportunities within an exciting, complex sector, at AV&Co. you’ll do challenging, strategic work that leverages your skills and enables you to learn quickly in the fastest growing industries in the world. We provide a team-based approach, which results in better work and a supportive professional environment. We believe in a meritocracy and provide phenomenal growth opportunities and compensation to high performers.


Our analysts are involved in every aspect of our consulting practice. They build financial and market demand models, research business and technology trends, and help prepare and present materials for both client projects and marketing. Training is an important aspect of an analyst’s tenure here at AV&Co. Analysts have excellent opportunities to develop and hone general analytical and presentation skills, as well as gain expertise in the communications, media and technology industries.

The analyst role is an entry-to-midlevel position. We look for analysts with strong quantitative backgrounds and the ability to work on independent tasks while contributing to the overall analysis of any given project. Effective communication skills, proficiency with complex data analysis, integrity, and a positive work ethic are prerequisites for an analyst applicant.

Name:Lisa Achoki Joined AV&Co.: Sept. 2018
Title: Analyst
Prior to AV&Co.: Interned at Deloitte East Africa
Education: Yale College 2018 | Bachelor of Arts, Economics


Senior Analysts play a critical role in leading and growing AV&Co. Building upon the skills learned as an analyst and at previous firms, Senior Analysts are expected to lead project modules and independently drive to key client recommendations. They also continue to develop their excellent research and analytical capabilities and are given much latitude to independently structure and complete tasks. As the “go-to person” for substantial project modules, they are given increasing project responsibilities, including significant junior client interaction and formal presentation opportunities. Additionally, Senior Analysts are strong participants in firm-building activities, including leading training presentations, spearheading internal committees, managing the internship program and participating in recruiting efforts.

The Senior Analyst role is a midlevel position for applicants. Senior Analysts come from diverse academic and educational backgrounds but have demonstrated success in a highly analytical environment at previous consulting firms, in industry, or as an AV&Co. analyst. In addition to excellent analytical and communication skills, successful applicants demonstrate a record of success in fast-paced, strategic consulting and/or telecom and technology environments.

Name: Shane Kim Joined AV&Co.: July 2017
Title: Senior Analyst
Prior to AV&Co.: Interned at NERA Economic Consulting
Education: Yale College | Bachelor of Arts, Economics | Certificate in Education Studies


Consultants play a critical role at our company. Typically, consultants manage project teams of one to three analysts, maintain client relationships, assist in business development and contribute to our internal staff growth. Consultants are responsible for leading their team through the project analysis, formulating recommendations and presenting recommendations to the client. As skills and experience evolve, consultants are given larger and more complex aspects of an engagement as they move toward developing a strong leadership role within the firm.

The consultant role is a midlevel position for applicants with an MBA or equivalent work experience (4+ years of strategy consulting or relevant industry experience). We seek consultants with strong analytical skills and a track record of achieving results, as well as a desire for the personal impact that can be found only within a boutique organization. This philosophy allows consultants with excellent management skills and the capacity to independently structure analyses to accelerate their career development. We provide opportunities to develop project management skills and gain an in-depth understanding of the strategic issues in the communications, media and related technology industries.

Name: Jenna Norton Joined AV&Co.: September 2015, Rejoined in July 2019
Title: Consultant
Prior to AV&Co.: AV&Co. Summer intern 2014, MBA internship in corporate strategy at Dell Technologies 2018
Education: MBA|Harvard Business School, May 2019; Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering|Brown University, May 2015


Managers play an essential role at AV&Co. Typically, Managers are responsible for overseeing one or more project teams of two to five Consultants and Analysts. In addition to guiding the creation of all client deliverables by directing analysis and research, managers are also responsible for leading day to day client relationships, presenting project deliverables to clients and assisting in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities. Managers are also expected to take on leadership roles in a variety of firm and culture-building activities such as employee development, research & training, recruiting and community service.

The manager role is a senior position for individuals with 4+ years of post-M.B.A and/or other relevant advanced degree with a background in telecommunications, media and technology sectors.  Our managers are familiar with the major trends that are reshaping the products and services delivered by the TMT industry. In addition to possessing strong analytical skills, our managers have a track record of successfully leading teams and possess impressive interpersonal and communication skills.

Name: Alec Bialosky Joined AV&Co.: September 2018
Title: Manager
Besides AV&Co.: Summer Associate, Visa Ventures; Investment Banking, AGC Partners; Project Engineer, Whiting-Turner
Education: MBA, UCLA Anderson 2018; Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering, Tufts 2011


At Altman Vilandrie & Company, we are always searching for new talent. Below, find a link to our current job openings and apply to the position that is appropriate for your background and experience level. Please note, if you are a current student attending a school where we recruit on campus you must submit an application through your career center, not our online portal. If you have any questions regarding the application or interview process at our firm feel free to email us and someone will get back to you shortly.